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Cloud Hosting

Managed IT infrastructure in UK ISO approved data centres.

Shared Hosting

Perfect for clients who need cost-effective managed web hosting service, or access to shared email with a UK based company, in UK data centres. Prices start from £12 per month plus VAT.

Virtual Servers

For clients who need reduced downtime within a scalable and secure managed infrastructure. Prices start from £30 per month plus VAT, managed.


Ideal for clients who require a managed solution with access to high speed redundant networks and storage. Prices start from £60 per month plus VAT.

If you are considering relocating some or all of your infrastructure into a data centre, we are able to assist. For over ten years we have been actively managing our own cloud infrastructure and a number of our clients have secure, shared access to the same resources.

If you would like more control over your web hosting and email, specifically if you have concerns over privacy of data, give us a call and we will be delighted to help. We can manage your complete online presence as a one-stop-shop, whilst keeping costs down and offering the personal support that is so often lacking with some of the larger providers.

Larger clients are able to take advantage of virtual private servers, which provide resources specifically for your organisation whilst keeping costs down and providing scalable performace. As your requirements change, it is very straightforward to offer more computing resource with little or no downtime.

Some of our clients choose to co-locate a server with us. In this scenario, a completely customised offering can be provided. We offer access to shared storage and online backup storage space at very competitive rates and closely aligned with each client's requirements.

All of our hosting solutions are protected with redundant Internet connections, redundant hardware firewalls offering a high level of connectivity (approaching 100% in the last three years, including scheduled maintenance). A service level agreement is provided as standard with all of our offerings. Contact us if you would like to know more.

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