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Meet your current and future business needs with a bespoke software development service where you control the development and the finished code.


Guaranteed availability, managing all of your IT requirements in a cost-effective annual plan, paying only for services received.


Let us develop your truly unique web presence, allowing you to reach both desktop and mobile users effectively.


Arrange your systems for maximum availability, accessibility and stability, making the most effective use of your resources.


Whether creating, extending or updating software, we can help you with your current and future business requirements. Here at Micro Data Systems Ltd, we work closely with you to develop and deliver software with a personal touch. When your options require careful evaluation, we can help you work through the available choices and create a plan uniquely tailored to your business.

We have experience developing accounting, product costing and job tracking systems, stock control and CRM systems, EPOS systems, payment processing solutions, graphic design packages, club membership management software, real-time, live management software, production control systems, historical archive software and more.

From the initial requirements analysis, through to project completion and beyond, you can rest assured that we will ensure the smoothest possible transition from your existing to your new system. Our software is developed using a prototyping methodology, which means that as we work on the product we create workable software from a very early stage, and encourage a repeated feedback cycle ensuring that requirements are measurably met.

You can read more about our software development services here.


Our service agreements offer you peace of mind with all your IT requirements. Our experienced staff are always on hand to offer impartial advice and when necessary are able to troubleshoot and resolve a wide variety of issues that you may be experiencing with your software and systems.

Typically, we assist with issues and queries relating to networks, office software, new systems, monitoring and storing backups, IT security, IT negotiations, sourcing IT solutions, planning, open-source software, IP phone systems, servers and workstations (both Windows® and GNU/Linux®).

We take a different approach with our agreements compared to many IT companies with the objective of creating a win-win relationship with all of our clients. Our agreements are not insurance policies, instead they are a commitment from us to use our best endeavours to ensure that preventative measures reduce IT related issues whilst ensuring that the appropriate time will be spent taking care of you should a system problem occur.

We firmly believe that service agreements should offer excellent value for money and we understand the importance of offering a good return on your investment in our services. For that reason, we will never redirect you to another service when we are able to help you. Instead, we will work with you to resolve any issues rapidly and effectively.

Service agreements should be flexible according to your needs and you should always benefit if ever your needs vary from what was originally anticipated. As such, if you have an agreement with us but require extra hours, we allow you the opportunity to upgrade retrospectively by just paying the difference between the service levels. This effectively reduces our hourly rate for any additional hours purchased but also those already used. If you have hours that have not been used towards the end of the agreement, we enable you to carry over the majority of those hours when you renew with us.

Additionally, we will actively keep you appraised of time used with detailed time logs and always work effectively and efficiently. Not all providers offer such detail but we believe that this transparency is vital to good relations with all our service agreement clients.


At a fundamental level, your website is now a major route that your current and prospective clients will choose to use when contacting and trading with you. For some clients, it may be the only way they choose to do business.

We understand that a website is essential to your business reputation and how your clients perceive your services and products. We take the time to liaise with you, learn about your business and create an aesthetically pleasing, fully-functional site suitable for your client base.

We create content-managed sites, with e-commerce facilities where required, within a reasonable budget-and time frame. Our websites are designed to look great on mobiles, tablets and desktops

In addition to offering a complete and comprehensive web site design package, we also provide an affordable range of hosting and domain registration options too. We can also take care of your email hosting and help reduce the amount of spam that arrives in your inbox, making your email more accessible and efficient to manage.


Cloud computing allows you to relocate some or all of your computing tasks from your home or office to a highly secure remote environment. You benefit from a fully managed solution meaning that all system security updates are managed for you and the security of your system is actively cared for.

With our cloud computing solutions, to maximise the security of your data we use ISO accredited data centres. Their redundant hardware configurations protect against hardware failure. Furthermore, our services are not oversubscribed, which means that your systems are never waiting for our systems or the Internet link to catch up with your requirements.

For many of our clients who do not have an in house IT department to make such decisions, we act as their in-house IT specialists, handling the various complexities of determining what equipment is appropriate, managing systems and interacting with data-centre staff with a clear understanding of your business needs and a high level of technical knowledge.

You can use our own fully managed computing and storage resources, the data-centre's resources, which they manage, or your own hardware, which we will manage for you. We have quite a unique hybrid cloud solution that allows clients to host their own hardware and take advantage of high-speed, high reliability storage systems and efficient, actively maintained redundant firewalls and Internet connections.

If you are unsure of the best approach for your requirements and budget, we are happy to discuss this and advise.


In addition to the specialisms highlighted above, we are experienced dealing with EPOS systems, internet telephony, database design, embedded systems, networking, email solutions, call management, backup solutions, mobile solutions, IT negotiation and IT security advice.

If there is anything you need not listed above, please contact us and we will happily direct you to the service you require.

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